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Pair of Dinosaur Eggs

A conjoined pair of fossilised dinosaur eggs


Dinosaur egg

A single fossilised dinosaur egg


Holy Land Widows Mite Pendant

Set in .925 silver this genuine Jewish bronze coin from the Hasmonean Kings of Judaea tells the true meaning of giving and was in circulation during the lifetime of Christ


Holy Land Oil lamps

Holy Land Oil Lamps Circa 4th-6th century A.D


Landscape Stones

Landscape Stones Nature, the ultimate master of art created 'Paesina' or Landscape stones.


Roman Bronze Rings

Roma Bronze Rings c. 1st-4th Century's AD



Ordovician period, 505 million years old

Call for Price: 020 8364 4565

Roman Glass Bottles

Roman Glass Bottles 1st millennium AD


Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

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Cash Coins

The ancient Chinese "cash" coins changed hardly at all over the 2000 years of Chinese dynastic history.


Qing Dynasty Blue & White Porcelain

Qing Dynasty Blue & White Porcelain. Fine quality porcelain recovered from the ship wreck of a trading boat which sank in the South China Seas in about AD 1730.

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Roman Glass Bead Necklace

Roman Glass Bead Necklace from 2nd-5th Centuries AD.