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Superb Egyptian Glazed Sekhmet Amulet

The goddess Sekhmet, rendered in-the-round from turquoise-glazed faience.


Egyptian Red Jasper Fly Amulets

Red jasper amulets in the form of a fly.


Standing Sekhmet Holding Papyrus Sceptre

A green glazed faience amulet in the form of Sekhmet.


Egyptian Bronze Osiris

A bronze statuette of the god Osiris.


Superb Egyptian Hardstone Wadj Sceptre

A hardstone amulet in the form of the Wadj sceptre.


Glazed Egyptian Faience Osirian Triad Amulet

A superb, greenish-blue glazed faience amulet.


Egyptian Cartonage Jewel

A fragmentary jewel encrusted with coloured stones.


Egyptian Hardstone Wedjat Eyes

Three hardstone Wedjat eyes.


Hyksos Period Egyptian Scarabs

Hyksos period scarabs.


Superb Egyptian Faience Taweret Amulet

A green-glazed faience amulet in the form of Taweret.


Egyptian Faience Amulet Of Bes

A faience mask of Bes.


Scarce Egyptian Hardstone Amulets

Hardstone amulets with individual descriptions.