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Roman Bronze Vessel Handle

A chunky Roman handle from a bronze jug.


Roman Bronze Lions Head Applique

A Roman bronze hollow-backed applique in the form of the head of a lion


Roman Celt Applique.

A Roman bronze applique in the form of a male torso


Roman Ram's Head Vessel Handle.

A Roman handle from a small bronze jug


Roman Bronze Eagle On a Stag's Head.

A scarce Roman bronze fitting depicting an eagle.


Superb White Glazed “Pilgrim’s Flask” Amulet

A white glazed amulet in the form of a model "pilgrim's flask".


Marble Of Lion Devouring Animal Head

A fragment of marble depicting a lion.


Roman Silver-Gilt Knee Brooch

An unusual form of evolved knee brooch.


Sizeable Marble Fragment Of Horse & Rider

A large marble fragment of part of a horse and rider.


Rare, Roman Cameo Gold Earring

A delicate gold earring.