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Rare, Roman Cameo Gold Earring

A delicate gold earring.


Marble Young Seated Herakles

A young Herakles wearing lion-skin seated on the ground.


Continental P-Shape Bow Brooch

A two-piece brooch.


Bronze Plaque With Europa

A cast bronze plaque depicting the goddess Europa.


Bronze Figural Plaque

A repoussé bronze plaque with ribbed borders.


Very Fine Roman Bronze Head Of Mercury

A Roman bronze hollow backed applique.


Roman Lunar Phallic Pendant

A cast bronze mount.


Silver Kraeftig Profilierte Brooch And Chain Set

Silver brooch composed of D-sectioned bow.


Roman SIlver Casket Foot

A cast casket foot in the form of a sandalled foot.


Roman Bronze Bust Applique

A cast discoid applique with female bust.


Roman Clay Applique Mould

A ceramic mould with punched handle.


Roman Silver Tutulus Disc Brooch

A Roman silver 'Tutulus' type disc brooch.