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Roman Cyathiscomele And Probe

Long delicate instruments.


Silvered-Bronze Knee Brooch

A silver coloured knee brooch.


Exquisite Roman Applique

A beautifully modelled Roman bronze applique.


A Pair Of Gold And Pearls Roman Earrings

A pair of gold Roman earrings, with a white and coral bead.


Roman Lead Plaque With A Scene

A Roman tinned lead plaque with suspension holes in the corners.


Roman Glass Frog Pendant

A brightly iridescent glass pendant.


Lead Veiled Female Bust

A Roman lead bust of a female.


Unusual Roman Ring With Animal Design

A Roman bronze finger ring.


Roman Bronze Ram Finial

A Roman bronze ram's head.


Roman Bronze Retiarius Statuette

A cast figurine of a retiarius gladiator.


Roman Bronze Handle With Bacchus

A round-section handle from a patera.


Roman Gold Cabochon Ring

A fine Roman solid gold finger ring.