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Roman Bronze Bust Applique

A cast discoid applique with female bust.


Roman Clay Applique Mould

A ceramic mould with punched handle.


Roman Silver Tutulus Disc Brooch

A Roman silver 'Tutulus' type disc brooch.


Fine Roman Bronze Applique Of Apollo

A finely detailed Roman bronze hollow-backed applique.


Large Roman Bronze Head Of Faunus

A large sized hollow-backed cast mount.


Roman Gold Ring With Vesica Bezel

A Roman gold finger ring.


Roman Gilt Silver Medicine Spoon

A Roman silver spoon with gilded inner face to the bowl.


Roman Bronze Mirror Set

A cast mirror set.


Roman Putto Fitting

A Roman octagonal hollow backed fitting in bronze.


Roman Gold Pendant

A Roman gold pendant with top suspension loop.


Glass Finger-Ring

A glass finger-ring with light encrustation.


Terracotta Campana Relief From The Donohue Collection

Terracotta relief from campana.