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Thessaly, Larissa (460-400 BC), Ar. Drachm

Thessaly, Larissa (460-400 BC), Ar. drachm, naked youth stg. r.


Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt Ar. Tetradrachm Selection

Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt Ar. tetradrachm selection. Diad. head of Ptolemy I r., rev.,


L. Hostilius Saserna Ar. Denarius

L. Hostilius Saserna Ar. denarius, hd. of Gallia r., hair long and disheveled, Gaulish trumper (carnyx) behind, rev., L HOSTILIUS SASERNA, Diana of Ephesus facing with stag and spear (Seaby, Hostilia 4).


C. Vibius Pansa Ar. Denarius

C. Vibius C. Pansa, Ar. denarius, hd. of Apollo, in low relief, PANSA behind, symbol below chin, rev., Minerva in quad. r., C VIBIVS C F in ex. (Seaby, Vibia 1)


Magnentius Ae. Double Centenionalis

Magnentius Ae. double centenionalis, 350-353 AD, Amiens mint.


Julia Domna Ar. Denarius

Julia Domna Ar. denarius, IVLIA AVGVSTA, dr. bust r., rev., FECVNDITAS, Fecunditas or Terra , naked to waist, reclining l. under a vine, resting arm on basket of fruit, placing r. hand on a partly hidden globe over which four small figures move – the four Seasons. (Seaby, 35.).


Sulla Ar. Denarius (84-83 BC)

L. Sulla Ar. denarius, L SVLLA below, diad. hd. of Venus r., before her Cupid stg. l. holding long palm, rev., capis and lituus between two trophies IMPER above, INTERVM below (Seaby, Cornelia 29).