Rare, Medieval Bronze "Corpus Christi"

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    6.2cm(H) x 2.9cm(W) / 2"(H) x 1"(W)

  • Condition


    The upper arms missing.

  • Full Description

    Rare, Medieval Bronze "Corpus Christi". A rare cast bronze figure of Christ from a crucifix with stylised posture and loincloth; attachment peg to rear. The crucifix is a principal symbol for many groups of Christians, and one of the most common forms of the Crucifixion in the arts. The crucifix emphasizes Jesus' sacrifice — his death by crucifixion, which Christians believe brought about the redemption of mankind. In medieval art, theologians continually emphasized the humanity of Christ and the need for the faithful to lead lives modeled on Christ’s own. This perspective welcomed visual images that stressed his human existence and particularly favored themes related to his earthly birth and death. Both of these episodes convey fundamental aspects of Christian doctrine, for the former reflects the concept of the Incarnation, the idea that Christ became a human being though he remained divine, and the latter is inseparable from Christ’s resurrection and the promise of everlasting life.

    14th-15th Century AD

    References: Burn, Barbara, comp. The Life of Christ: Images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, C. Scribner, 1989.