Egyptian Eye of Horus Amulet

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own a small piece of antiquity, provided that the artefacts are sufficiently common and are neither of any national value nor should legitimately be within a museum environment. Smaller items, of less cultural significance, often get ‘lost’ within a museum, whilst in the hands of a private collector can provide endless enjoyment and educate further.

Through the sale of antiquities, we aim to increase public awareness and promote the aims of conservationists. We donate money from our sales to museums and charities to help encourage, preserve and understand our heritage.

It is vital that the history of our world and our civilisation is taught with the help of archaeology and artefacts. Books can only provide so much. Actual artefacts from the past tell a much more exciting story and challenge the mind. The study of artefacts has now become a vital aspect of the school curriculum, as people and events from history are connected to items that can be held in the hand.