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Pair of Dinosaur Eggs

A conjoined pair of fossilised dinosaur eggs


Holy Land Oil lamps

Holy Land Oil Lamps Circa 4th-6th century A.D


Landscape Stones

Landscape Stones Nature, the ultimate master of art created 'Paesina' or Landscape stones.


Roman Bronze Rings

Roma Bronze Rings c. 1st-4th Century's AD



Ordovician period, 505 million years old

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Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

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Cash Coins

The ancient Chinese "cash" coins changed hardly at all over the 2000 years of Chinese dynastic history.


Qing Dynasty Blue & White Porcelain

Qing Dynasty Blue & White Porcelain. Fine quality porcelain recovered from the ship wreck of a trading boat which sank in the South China Seas in about AD 1730.

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Roman Glass Bead Necklace

Roman Glass Bead Necklace from 2nd-5th Centuries AD.


Mounted Agadir Ammonite

Mounted Agadir Ammonite 100 million years old.

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Alabaster Spindle Whorls

A group of step-domed spindle whorls carved in alabaster.


Roman Mid 3rd Century Silver Coins

These coins date from turbulent times of the mid third century A.D.