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Shepherd's Crowns (Micraster)

This is an Echinoderm, a specific group of animals that live in the sea.


Variety Of Ming Jars In Blue And White

Ming jars in blue and white


Prehistoric Baby Shark Teeth

A selection of prehistoric baby shark teeth


Flint Scrapers

In the times before metal tools, the sharpest thing a man had was a piece of stone.


Selection Of Dactylloceras

Dactylloceras are an extinct group of marine mollusk that were a distant relatice to squid and octopus.


A Selection of Roman Keys

A selection of bronze Roman keys.


A selection of Roman Fibulae

A selection of Roman bronze fibulae of various shapes and sizes. A perfect gift for a bargain price!


Pilgrim Tokens

A terracotta 'True Cross' pilgrim token; showing two half length human figures, below, the True Cross