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Mounted Agadir Ammonites

Mounted Agadir Ammonites 100 million years old.

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Alabaster Spindle Whorls

A group of step-domed spindle whorls carved in alabaster.


Roman Mid 3rd Century Silver Coins

These coins date from turbulent times of the mid third century A.D.


Silver Penny of King Henry III Selection

Brussells hoard silver pennies of Henry III, London mint.


Roman Candlestick Glass Unguentaria

Roman glass: Each a tall Roman glass unguentarium (known as the candlestick type) in clear, very pale green glass; the tall neck merging into a bulbous body, standing on a flattened base with an inverted centre.


Dinosaur And Mammoth Bone Pen Selection

Lovely and special piece of stationery, a unique gift.


Shepherd's Crowns (Micraster)

This is an Echinoderm, a specific group of animals that live in the sea.


Giant Ammonites

These giant Cretaceous mantiliceras ammonites come from Morocco and are about 100 million years old.


Jurassic Ammonite Pairs

These beautiful ammonites are an extinct group of marine mollusk that were distant relatives of the living squid and octopus.

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Variety Of Ming Jars In Blue And White

Ming jars in blue and white


Prehistoric Baby Shark Teeth

A selection of prehistoric baby shark teeth