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Egyptian New Kingdom Lapis Amulets

Three blue coloured, New Kingdom amulets.


Egyptian New Kingdom Stone Amulets

An offering of three stone amulets carved in the form of a fly.


New Kingdom Alabaster Kohl Jar

An Egyptian kohl jar in fine alabaster.


Hyksos Period Egyptian Scarab Ring

A Hyksos period scarab set within a bronze frame.


Egyptian Glazed Composition Multiple Eye Of Horus Bead

A deep blue plaque with wedjat motifs.


Egyptian Glazed Composition Pataikos Amulet

A squat standing figure of Pataikos.


Egyptian Hardstone Necklace With Amulets

A necklace comprising carnelian and blue composition pendants.


Egyptian Silver Apis Bull Amulet

An Egyptian amulet in base silver of a walking Apis bull.


Egyptian New Kingdom Hardstone Lioness Head

An Egyptian hardstone amulet depicting the head of a lioness.


Egyptian Amarna Taweret Amulets

Two Egyptian Amarna Taweret amulets.


Egyptian Amarna Amulets

Three Egyptian Amarna amulets.


Egyptian Amarna Heart Amulets

An offering of three amulets in the form of a stylised heart.