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Magnentius Ae. Double Centenionalis

Magnentius Ae. double centenionalis, 350-353 AD, Amiens mint.


Julia Domna Ar. Denarius

Julia Domna Ar. denarius, IVLIA AVGVSTA, dr. bust r., rev., FECVNDITAS, Fecunditas or Terra , naked to waist, reclining l. under a vine, resting arm on basket of fruit, placing r. hand on a partly hidden globe over which four small figures move – the four Seasons. (Seaby, 35.).


Sulla Ar. Denarius (84-83 BC)

L. Sulla Ar. denarius, L SVLLA below, diad. hd. of Venus r., before her Cupid stg. l. holding long palm, rev., capis and lituus between two trophies IMPER above, INTERVM below (Seaby, Cornelia 29).