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Rare Roman Cameo Gold Earring

A delicate gold earring.


Egyptian New Kingdom Jasper Hair Ring

Egyptian hair ring in red jasper.


Continental P-Shape Bow Brooch

A two-piece brooch.


Roman Lunar Phallic Pendant

A cast bronze mount.


Egyptian New Kingdom Hair Rings

A pair of Egyptian coloured hair rings.


Roman Gold Ring With Vesica Bezel

A Roman gold finger ring.


Hyksos Period Egyptian Scarab Ring

A Hyksos period scarab set within a bronze frame.


Egyptian Hardstone Necklace With Amulets

A necklace comprising carnelian and blue composition pendants.


Glass Finger-Ring

A glass finger-ring with light encrustation.


Roman Silver Lion Heads Brooch

An unusual silver brooch depicting the foreparts of two couchant lions.


Roman Glass Ring

A Roman ring with applied glass inlay of the head of Medusa.


Silvered-Bronze Knee Brooch

A silver coloured knee brooch.