Roman Glass (10)

A good sized South Italian red-figure ceramic bell krater with loop handles, a pedestal base, bell-shaped body and broad everted rim. The body decorated with figural decoration comprising:

Side A - Three standing ladies, richly adorned in jewellery and drapery, holding various implements for embellishment. The two ladies on the sides appear to be adorning the on in the middle, holding mirrors up to her. The scene likely represents adornment of the bride to be, as these type of scenes appear quite often on the kraters of this period.

Side B - A group of three male youths draped in himations; a floral shaped filler between. Decorated with an olive branch on the underside of the lip, palmettes on the sides, beneath the handles. A wave band below the figures.Ancient Greek colonies of southern Italy: Apulia; circa 4th century BC.