Chinese Northern Wei Buddhist Tile


A Chinese Northern Wei Buddhist polychrome grey pottery tile, featuring the depiction of a Bodhisattva on one side. The figure is portrayed  wearing colourful robes, and with facial features finely rendered trough black and red paint. Much of the original pigmentation still visible.

Date: Circa 386 - 534 AD
Period: Northern Wei Dynasry
Provenance: From a Western Country Collection, 1980’s.
Condition: Fine

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The Northern Wei reform contributed greatly to an amalgamation of art and culture in sixth-century China. This was manifested in painting, calligraphy, the funerary and decorative arts, and in the style of the cave-temples at Longmen in Henan Province. It was during the Northern Wei Dynasty that Buddhism was introduced to China – an introduction which rooted itself firmly in the cultural fabric of China. Over 30,000 Buddhist images dating from the Northern Wei Dynasty have been found to date.

Weight 4000 g
Dimensions L 30 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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