Gandharan Stone Panel with Archer


A Gandharan fragmentary grey schist panel, carved to show a naked female archer in the centre, kneeling on one knee and firing a composite bow within a foliate tendril. Reverse flat and unmodelled. Mounted on a purpose-made stand (height with stand 24.5 cms).

Date: Circa 2nd - 4th Century AD
Condition: Very fine condition with some accretions.

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Stone sculptures were produced in great quantities for the Buddhist monasteries of Gandhara. These images would once have been coated with a fine stucco plaster and painted, in order to give a more colourful appearance. Stucco itself, skilfully modelled around a mud core, was also used as an alternative to stone. The width of this panel suggests that it was probably placed on a building as decoration. Gandharan art was heavily influenced by the expansion of Hellenistic culture, with statues and panels often displaying influences from Greek art.

Weight 6000 g
Dimensions H 19 cm



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