Processional Set of Ming Attendants


A group of four Ming attendants.

Group of four matching aubergine and blue-glazed processional figures of painted pottery. Each one is individually- and well-modelled.

Height of figures: 19-19.5 cms.

Date: Circa 15th - 16th Century AD
Period: Ming Dynasty
Condition: Very fine condition.

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These figures would have been displayed amongst the processional group within a tomb, most likely before a sedan chair or palanquin and before the musician figures. They would have served a ceremonial purpose – to announce the arrival of the tomb occupant.

The Ming dynasty played host to some of China’s most renowned artistic achievements – famed, of course, for its vases, but also works such as Shen Zhou’s ‘Lofty Mount Lu’. Part of the reason for this flourishing in the arts was due to the Ming dynasty’s economic success.


Dimensions 19 cm

Pottery and Porcelain





Reference: For similar and further reading: Ming Ceramics in the British Museum, Jessica Harrison-Hall, pgs 554 - 557, figs 20:21-28.

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