Tall Han Dynasty Pottery Warrior in Armour


A pair of Han Dynasty warriors in underlying grey pottery, with much of the original painted pigments remaining. This painting depicts the faces clearly, each of which bears a stern expression. The warriors wear body armour over their thigh-length tunics and shortened trousers. The hands are clenched and have a central hole, which would have formerly held weapons, such as spears or swords.

Sold with custom-made perspex stand.

A. Height 47.5 cms.

B. Height 49 cms.

Date: Circa 2nd - 1st Century BC
Period: Western Han Dynasty China
Condition: Excellent condition.
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The Han Dynasty was the second imperial dynasty of China (206 BC–220 AD), and its art is notable for aiming to give form to everyday people and objects. It was a period of significant economic growth, and this facilitated discovery and innovation: technical possibilities in the arts increased as a result, enabling artists to push boundaries. The art of the Han dynasty is largely decorative – a shift away from the functional, ritualistic art of the previous Qin dynasty.

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Weight 5000 g
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Pottery and Porcelain


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Reference: Cf. Catalogue no.14, page 71; The Quest for Eternity; Chinese Ceramic Sculptures from the People's Republic of China

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