A Selection Of Egyptian Blue Glazed Flower Amulets


A fine selection of light- and dark-blue glazed amulets, which depict the triple blossomed flower and lotus-seed heads. The backs are unworked, and A and D feature loops for suspension.

Date: Circa 1550 - 1189 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period, 18th - 19th Dynasty
Condition: Fine condition.
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The Egyptians wore amulets alongside other pieces of jewellery. They were decorative, but also served a practical purpose, being considered to bestow power and protection upon the wearer. Many of the amulets have been found inside the wrappings of mummies, as they were used to prepare the deceased for the afterlife.

The blue lotus was a sacred flower, and because it was commonly placed on wine jars, Egyptologists suspect that an extract from it may have been used as a drug. In addition, men and women are depicted holding open lotus flowers in the designs on tomb walls. The blue lotus opening at night was the symbol of life and light triumphing over death and darkness, and on this ground was linked with sexuality and sensual pleasures.

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Egyptian Faience


Reference: Andrews, C., Amulets of Ancient Egypt

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