Fine Bronze Age Spiral Armlet


A bronze coiled armlet formed from a continuous rod in eighteen passes. It is flat on the inside, very slightly rounded on the outside, and has tapering terminals.

Date: Circa 800 - 500 BC
Period: Bronze Age
Condition: Very fine condition with attractive olive-green patination throughout.

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The Celtic spiral is a dynamic and popular symbol. It is indicative of endless movement, and was in use from the Neolithic period (c. 5000 BC). Bronze craftsmen continued to use the pattern during the Bronze Age, though more flamboyant and flatter spiral patterns were favoured.

Weight 307 g
Dimensions L 12.7 cm


Time Period

Reference: Cf. MacGregor, A. Antiquities from Europe and the Near East in the Collection of Lord McAlpine of West Green, Oxford, 1987, item 13.17, 16.38, 16.39, 16.40.

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