Egyptian New Kingdom Hair Ring Pair


A matched pair of carved D-section hair rings in jasper, one with a few bituminous concretions to one side.

Date: Circa 1550-1070 BC
Period: New Kingdom
Provenance: From an early 20th century collection.
Condition: Very fine condition; complete and intact.

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Hair rings were used to adorn wigs and Egyptian hair, with the varied hairstyles employed as a means to distinguish between social classes. Wig-making was a formal profession in Ancient Egypt, though there is also evidence of anti-baldness remedies, and the use of henna to remove grey hair. These hair rings were usually made of ivory or jasper.

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Semi-Precious Stones

Reference: Cf. Lacovara, P. Teasley Trope, B. and D'Auria, S. (eds), The Collector's Eye: Masterpieces of Egyptian Art from the Thalassic Collection, Ltd, Atlanta, 2001, p. 113, No.66, for a similar example.

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