Roman Pottery Lamp with Eros


A finely potted Roman terracotta oil lamp, the discus of which depicts the charming scene of a chubby Eros pulling on the horns of a goat. The lamp has an ovolo design around the perimeter; a small circular nozzle, and a ring handle at the back.

Date: 1st - 2nd Century AD
Provenance: From the collection of Arno Jumpertz, Leverkusen, Germany, 1924-1984. Much of the collection was exhibited at Neus museum, 1985.
Condition: Very fine condition

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Eros‘ as a force of physical desire dates back at least as far as the works of Homer, but the concept of Eros quickly became more refined, being to the classical Greeks a personified deity of exceptional beauty and playfulness. His depiction on this pottery lamp, seen pulling on the horns of a goat, is indeed testament to his cheeky character. Eros’ tricks were typically played on lovers, using his arrows to manipulate romantic situations, and to punish those who resisted his efforts.

Weight 35 g
Dimensions L 9.8 cm


Pottery and Porcelain

Greek Mythology

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