Fine Etruscan Bucchero-Ware Chalice


A bucchero-ware pottery chalice. It has a high stemmed foot, flaring sharply at the base, and small biconical moulding near the top of the foot. The body is decorated mid-way with concentric grooves and a small ridge towards the base of the walls. The grey-black colouration is consistent and of fine quality.

Date: Circa 6th Century BC
Provenance: Ex Jon Lawton collection; Ex Royal Athena Gallery; Ex H. H. Scullard collection.
Condition: Very fine condition; surfaces with minor rubs and scratches, more so on the inside of the bowl.

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Product Code: AS-3259

‘Bucchero-ware’ refers to the pottery produced by central Italy’s pre-Etruscan population. The same practice of pottery was then adopted by the Etruscans – the lustrous black surface was achieved by diligent polishing, rather than by means of a gloss.

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Weight 458 g
Dimensions H 15.2 cm


Pottery and Porcelain


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