Bronze Age Shield Boss


A scutiform shield boss, peaked on the obverse with decorative repousseé band of dots to the outer edge, with splayed decorative motifs to the top, bottom and sides .There are two rivet holes to the side, one slightly damaged over time. The bronze displays a beautiful vivid green patination to the obverse. The reverse is concave and undecorated.

Date: Circa 2nd Millennium BC
Period: Bronze Age
Provenance: Private German collection; J. Lawton collection thereafter.
Condition: Very fine.

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Shield bosses were placed at the centre of round shields and were originally intended to deflect the blows to the shield. They become more elaborate over time and eventually become more of a decorative feature.

This shield is decorated with repoussé work, a metalwork technique which involves shaping very thin, malleable metal from the reverse, in order to create a design in low relief. It was a technique used widely to shape metals in ancient civilisations.

Weight 31.3 g
Dimensions W 9 cm


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