Luristan Bronze Finial


A cast bronze finial featuring two rampant horse heads. They are conflated at the neck, and cast integral with cylindrical tube giving way to a hollow, bell-shaped support.

Date: Circa 8th Century BC
Period: Iron Age
Condition: Excellent condition.

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Small pairs of animals are the most distinctive objects of all cast bronze works reported from Luristan. Finials were made to be seen either from the back or front, which suggests that they were designed to be free-standing.

Finials of this kind were made by the lost-wax process, whereby a duplicate metal sculpture was cast from an original wax model. In Mesopotamia, the lost-wax process was used for large scale copper and bronze statues. Each finial cast by the lost-wax process is unique.

Weight 97 g
Dimensions H 10 cm




Reference: For similar and discussion, see in Moorey, P.R.S., Ancient Persian Bronzes in The Adam Collection, pp.106-112.

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