Roman Lead Plaque With A Scene


An ancient Roman tinned lead plaque with suspension holes in the corners. The lead plaque features a scene with three male figures: one is standing, and wears what could be a military cuirass or long tunic. He is dragging the second figure, who is barely discernible, whilst the third figure watches over, holding either a hammer or a standard, and seeming also to be wearing military uniform, .

Date: Circa 2nd century AD
Condition: Very good condition. Lower part broken off, please refer to pictures for details.

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Lead plaques were often used for votive purposes, though this one seems to be of military subject. The lead sheet is likely to be a ornament made by repoussé technique, whereby the sheet metal is hammered into a die with decorative scene cut into the reverse.

Weight 23 g
Dimensions L 3.2 x W 5.2 cm



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